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Bubble is a short film written and directed by Jen West and produced by James Martin, a Four x Productions initiative. In March of 2013 we asked our audience to choose which of three short stories on our website should be turned into a film. Bubble was the clear winner, taking over 50% of the votes. While each story was special in it's own way, we were very excited to take on the big challenges that this specific story would bring.

Bubble explores the notion that we may create our own journeys in an attempt to comprehend our most difficult memories. This adventure is heavy in special effects and cinematographic beauty. We pulled together an amazing team with some of the best in their fields of practice to take you on this unique journey of a woman trying to make peace with her own haunting memory.

We look forward to sharing this story you chose with the world. To stay up to date with our progress, please visit our Four x Productions page on Facebook.


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